Growth Strategies


Growth Strategies

LOBO EV’s growth strategies are designed not just for growth but for establishing a legacy of innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction in the electric vehicle industry.

Innovation and Product Diversity

At LOBO EV, our growth is deeply rooted in the innovation of our products and the uniqueness of our integrated product development and user-centered design philosophies. Recognizing the critical role of high-quality and affordable products in our success, we are committed to maintaining e-bicycles as our cornerstone while launching new and diverse product lines, such as our latest solar-powered e-bicycles. Our strategic focus also includes prioritizing intelligent electric urban tricycles and elderly scooters, alongside strengthening our development of intelligent multimedia interactive system software solutions. This multifaceted approach ensures our technologies achieve a leading position in the EV industry, setting us apart with a differentiated product advantage.

Global Talent and Strategic Partnerships

To remain at the cutting edge of technological innovation, LOBO EV is dedicated to investing in research and development and attracting global talent. Our goal is to forge and enhance strategic collaborations and partnerships worldwide with industry leaders, design firms, and research institutions. These alliances are crucial for our continuous growth and for achieving our ambition of becoming a hidden champion in intelligent urban tricycles and off-highway four-wheeled electric shuttles.

Customer-Centric Approach: Building Strong Relationships

Understanding that our success is intertwined with our customers' success, LOBO EV adopts a customer relationship perspective focused on supporting our clients' achievements. Valuing customer and dealer feedback, we are committed to product enhancements that meet their evolving needs. Through providing technical support, product information, and sharing our manufacturing expertise, we aim to foster enduring relationships with our dealers and customers. Future plans include establishing branches or representative offices in target foreign markets, enhancing our understanding of local demands and strengthening our global presence.

Expanding Sales Channels and Dealer Networks

Our sales channels are strategically segmented to cater to diverse markets: for our electric mobility products, we leverage dealerships and the Alibaba international platform to expand our reach and onboard new dealers; for our solutions development segment, we focus on relationship marketing, targeting tier-one suppliers to secure new orders. Despite challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have adapted by personally visiting dealers to sustain and expand our network and utilizing social media to enhance brand awareness. With an extensive network of approximately 152 dealers across China and 48 internationally, our commitment to expanding our dealer base through trade shows and increased marketing efforts on platforms like Alibaba remains unwavering.

Our Commitment

Our success has been underpinned by our innovation of products, including our integrated product development concept and user-centered product design philosophy. We believe that our high-quality and affordable products are the keys to our success. To achieve the goal of being a hidden champion in the industry, we will (1) adhere to the manufacture of e-bicycles as our main business, (2) prioritize our strategic products, such as intelligent electric urban tricycles and elderly scooters, and (3) strengthen the development of intelligent multimedia interactive system software solutions to help our technologies attain a leading position in the EV industry. Intelligent multimedia interactive systems can be used in four-wheeled vehicles, two-wheeled vehicles, and three-wheeled vehicles, which can greatly increase the differentiated advantages of our products.
To stay at the forefront of technological innovation, we will continue to invest significant resources in research and development and will recruit experts and talents globally. We will seek to establish and strengthen strategic cooperation and partnerships globally with industry leaders, design firms and research institutions.

Customer Relationship Management

The perspective of our customer relationship management is to “help our customers succeed”, rather than simply meeting the customer demands. We value the feedback of our customers and dealers and upgrade our products to address their demands. To build a long-lasting relationship with our dealers and customers, we provide technical support. We plan to set up branches or representative offices in our foreign target markets in order to better understand the local market in the future.

Our Mission And Vision

Our Mission

Provide daily commuters with safer, smarter, and more affordable e-bicycles, e-tricycles, and off-highway four-wheeled electric shuttles.

Our Vision

Provide commuters with affordable and high-quality EVs and become a market leader in our industry by leveraging our design and intelligent technology.