Head Towards Safety, Wear a Helmet

2020-1973:35% decline in bicycle injury rate since CPSC’s mandatory bicycle safety regulations took effect in 1976.

2021:Estimated Injuries 69,400 Bicycle & accessory related head injuries, separate from sports,treated in emergency departments for all ages (excluding powered bikes.)

Wear it Properly
Sit it evenly between your ears and flat on your head.

Wear it low on your forehead — 2 finger widths above your eye brows.

Tighten the chin strap* and adjust the pads inside for a snug and secure fit.
*Specific to bicycle helmets.

Get the Right Helmet Type:
There are different helmets for different activities.
Each type of helmet is made to protect your head from injuries related to the specific activities.

Check the Label:
Does your helmet have a label inside showing it meets
CPSC’s federal safety standard? If not, don’t use it.
Report the helmet to CPSC at
Replace When Needed:
Replace the helmet after any impact to the helmet, to include dropping. Helmets are one-time use products and impacts can generally decrease the maximum effectiveness that particular helmet can provide. You may not see damage. Cracks in the shell, worn straps and missing pads or other parts are also reasons to replace a helmet.

Post time: May-08-2022