Stories of real risks while riding an All-Terrain Vehicle

Buddy, you really need to learn how to handle that thing.

Jim has a close encounter with another ATV. The other rider suggests he learn the rules
through an ATV-safety course. and finds a free safety course nearby. He enjoys the class and learns a few things he didn’t know before.

All ATV drivers, children and adults, should take a hands-on ATV safety course from a qualified instructor.
Hands-on training can give first-time riders — and experienced riders — the skills to handle many of the unpredictable riding situations that can happen in off-road conditions.
Courses are offered by the ATV Safety Institute.
Riders can also check with the National 4-H Council, local ATV rider groups, state agencies and some ATV Manufacturers

How cool is this?
The course is free and gets me a discount on my insurance.

Post time: Dec-27-2022