The Company

The Company

LOBO EV is an electric mobility products manufacturer which its products include e-bicycles, motorcycles, e-tricycles, electric off-highway four-wheeled shuttles such as golf carts and mobility scooters as well as variety of solar-powered mobility products. Our group consists of four subsidiaries, located in Wuxi, Tianjin, and Guangzhou respectively. There are four assembly lines in our factories The group has nearly 100 assembly line workers, over 40 sales personnel, and more than 10 engineers in R&D department.

Our flexible production lines can provide customers from the sample production orders, small batch orders to large quantity orders. We produce over 20 series of over 100 products in four categories of two-wheeled, three wheeled, four wheeled vehicles and special purpose vehicle (SPV), such as goods-load bikes and delivery scooters. We also can provide variety models of solar powered shuttles. We are happy to provide customers OEM and ODM services with customer-oriented perspective.

Headquartered in Wuxi, China, LOBO EV is a holding company and our operating entities include Jiangsu LOBO, Beijing LOBO, Guangzhou LOBO, Tianjin LOBO, Tianjin Bibosch and Wuxi Jinbang. Our management team is composed of several ambitious entrepreneurs with a global perspective, who have a good educational background and rich industry experience. Lobo EV is a golden plus supplier verified by Alibaba (see website at loboev.en.alibaba.com). We value R&D and have got 20 patents and 12 copyrights covering key parts, appearance and printed circuit board. We attach great importance to product development, and our purpose for product development is “better quality, longer life, competitive price “We have over 200 clients worldwide, and are proud that our clients sincerely praise our product quality, delivery speed, cost-effectiveness, and after-sales supporting capabilities.Furthermore, we are a SEC registered public company at the ticker symbol “LOBO”.

Our mission is to provide daily commuters with safer, smarter, and environment friendly e-bicycles, e-tricycles, and off-highway four-wheeled electric shuttles. We firmly promise to our clients that we will grow up with you, and to help you succeed.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide daily commuters with safer, smarter, and more affordable e-bicycles, e-tricycles, and off-highway four-wheeled electric shuttles.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide commuters with affordable and high-quality EV and become a market leader in our industry by leveraging our design and intelligent technology.

Our Commitment

we are committed to providing value to our suppliers and clients and to those stakeholders who rely on us for leadership or support. We are knowledgeable and passionate about what makes each of our products and service unique and powerful, and we are committed to finding innovative ways to fuel their growth. We create value for all segments of the products by faithfully focusing on service excellence and quality improvement.


Our Responsibility

we take seriously our responsibilities as a corporate citizen, always of how our actions can benefit the community and sensitive to the environment. We make decisions at all times understanding our responsibility for enhancing profitability and serving the interests of our shareholders. As a manufacture enterprise, we rooted our success in affordable and good performance products and service.