Corporate History

Discover the journey of LOBO EV, from a pioneering electric motorcycle manufacturer to a global leader in innovative electric mobility solutions.

At LOBO EV, our journey is a tale of innovation, strategic growth, and dedication to sustainable mobility. Our story began in 2002 with the establishment of Wuxi Jinbang EV Manufacture Co., Ltd, marking our roots as pioneers in electric motorcycle manufacturing in China. The journey continued with the formation of our domestic operating enterprise, Beijing LOBO, in August 2014, laying the foundation for our expansion and innovation in electric vehicles.

In May 2019, we introduced Guangzhou LOBO, focusing on delivering solutions in auto multimedia interactive systems and driving assistance for tier-one suppliers as a subcontractor. This venture also expanded our product line to include PV inverters and outdoor power sources, demonstrating our commitment to comprehensive electric mobility solutions.

The year 2021 was a landmark period for LOBO EV. We established Tianjin LOBO in October, specializing in the manufacture of e-tricycles and off-highway four-wheeled electric shuttles, further diversifying our product offerings. This expansion was complemented by the setup of Tianjin Bibosch in March 2022, which took the helm of exporting our innovative products globally.

Our strategic maneuvers continued with the acquisition of 85% of the shares of Wuxi Jinbang by Beijing LOBO at the end of 2019, strengthening our manufacturing capabilities. To streamline our operations and set the stage for our debut on the international market, LOBO EV Technologies Ltd. was incorporated in the British Virgin Islands in October 2021, followed by the establishment of LOBO Holdings Ltd in Hong Kong as a wholly-owned subsidiary.

The reorganization culminated in the merger of Beijing LOBO and Guangzhou LOBO into Jiangsu WFOE, a PRC limited liability company organized in November 2021. This consolidation was meticulously planned to facilitate our initial public offering (IPO) in the United States. Following an appraisal by a qualified company in March 2022, we finalized the merger and acquisition process in April 2022, with Jiangsu WFOE becoming a wholly-owned foreign enterprise under LOBO HK.

Our history is not just a record of our past but a testament to our dynamic approach towards embracing change, fostering innovation, and leading the electric vehicle industry towards a sustainable future.