The Bosch Concept design Impetus for the eBike of the future

The Urban fashion Sports eBike is becoming increasingly popular among the young urban populations in developed countries in the world. The Bosch design and its manufacturing capabilities undoubtedly lead the industry. The Bosch Concept Bike is designed as an Urban Sports Cruiser – its design integration of the Bosch components: its carbon frame with fully integrated front and rear suspension offers maximum comfort for city adventures, commuter trips and off-road trails. The Bosch drive system merges with the frame and handlebar to form one unit in this design concept. The perfect integration of the Performance Line CX, the PowerTube 625, the new Nyon on-board computer and the Bosch eBike ABS make the eBike Design Vision a visual experience.

The innovative design spirit of the LOBO EV closely follows Bosch’s advanced design philosophy, providing customers with value-added services with high-quality product, affordable price and timely delivery capabilities.


The picture Copy from the website of BOSH:



Post time: Jul-07-2023