Solar-powered Mobilities Exported to Peru

The company recently received an order for solar-powered tricycles from a Peruvian customer, which is a new attempt by the Peruvian customer to sell our new products. Peru is a mountainous country with little rain, and the sunlights are very good. As the customer said, the temperature in his city reaches 37 degrees almost every day of the year, which is suitable for driving solar-powered tricycles and scooters as well as golf carts. Through a long-time test of new products, the customer finally recognized our solar-powered mobilities, and the new order also demonstrates a good example of the customer philosophy of company, the concept of “helping customers succeed”.



Our sample solar-powered vehicles have been performing very well in various parts of the world since we launched this concept product in early 2022, when a customer from Florida USA asked us to develop such product for him. Currently, our solar tricycles and four-wheeled mobilities have made meaningful sales in USA, Central and Eastern Europe, Egypt, and Middle East, like United Arab Emirates and Iraq. Some end users even use the solar-power to power their homes. Compared with oil-engine mobilities, our products are more friendly to the environment; compared with our battery-powered products, the solar-powered mobilities are greener than them. WE ARE DEEP GREEN. Today, when the world is concerned about carbon reduction and carbon neutrality and promoting to implement the Paris Agreement with best efforts, our products not only meet the customer’s desire to reduce costs but also contribute to global carbon emissions.

Post time: Aug-14-2023