A Story from My customer: donated the fancy cart to his community

 ----by Sarah He

My customer Samuel Alex Amfo is from Ghana. He is a Minister, he also runs a small business in his country. He imports goods from China for organizations and his own wholesale shop. I met his via Alibaba.com. He wanted to import some electric scooters. He put his small order to me after we had several back and forth negotiations and I arranged my factory to deliver the goods to him as my routine work. 

I found Mr. Amfo often shared his words on WhatsApp when we added each other. From his words, I can feel that Mr. Amfo is a kind, grateful, and positive person.


After Mr. Amfo received his goods, he sent me three videos. The first video showed a woman stepping on a manual tricycle into a church, and he said to me, 'She is using the manual one and I am donating the one I bought from you to her'. In the second and third videos, he recorded the donation ceremony in a local church where the disable lady received the fancy four-wheeled cart with roof. I can feel she was so happy to have the cart, and the people in the church were cheering. 


Mr. Amfo deeply touched me. He donated his best product he imported to the people in his community. We had never met before, but I seemed to truly feel the radiance of humanity from him; It will also encourage me to continue growing into a positive, kind, and grateful person. I will do my best to serve customers. I was also truly proud of our products to provide convenience for the common people in the far corner of the world and improve their quality of life, and making me feel that what I do is so meaningful



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Post time: Sep-04-2023